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Dr. John's Candies

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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I am Dr. John Bruinsma, a dentist, and my wife Debra is a dental hygienist. In 1995, we founded Dr. John's Candies® and are committed to offering the best tasting sugar free candy available to you. We introduced Dr. John's Candies® at the American Dental Association Annual Meeting that same year, and soon became the best selling sugar free candy offered to dentists in the United States. For over twenty five years, our confectioner has continued a family tradition of making "gourmet" sugar free candies. Together, we create blends that you will not find anywhere else, using only the finest flavorings and ingredients. Whether you are a diabetic, an individual shopping for healthier treats for you and your family, a dental or medical professional, or a business desiring to portray a healthy image, Dr. John's Candies® will fulfill your need.
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