8929 Olmstead Road
Hubbardston, MI 48845
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R & B Farm

Profile Last Updated: Jan 19, 2021
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R & B Farm is about using Mother Nature's systems to convert solar energy into heart-healthy beef for your table. Our heritage breed Belted Galloway beef cattle are raised in a production system that focuses on organic and humane animal farming techniques. Main features of the farm include rotational grazing to mimic the animal migration, eating, and behavior patterns that existed before farmers and fences were invented. This allows us to eliminate the use chemical fertilizers and pesticides, growth hormones, and genetically modified crops. The cattle get a diverse diet of grasses, legumes, and native plants from birth to processing. We do not feed grain. Our customer base covers central lower Michigan including the Greater Lansing and Greater Grand Rapids areas. Beef sales are concentrated in the fall months. Pricing is competitive with retail (not on sale) cost. Contact us for current availability and details.
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